adds cn3163 datasheet
[] / Makefile
2020-06-24 Danieladds cn3163 datasheet master
2020-06-23 Danielgenerates simple blog index
2020-06-23 Danielminor edit
2020-06-23 Danieladds timestamp to index.html
2020-06-23 Danielmarkdowns index.html
2020-06-23 Danieladapts makefile for blog generation
2020-06-23 Danieladds blog
2020-06-23 Danielchanges over to static html
2020-06-23 DanielMerge branch 'md' markdown
2020-06-23 Danieladds note about markdown package
2020-06-23 Danielmatches generated file timestamps to source
2020-06-23 Danielcleans up Makefile a bit
2020-06-23 Danieladds rsync upload target
2020-06-23 Danieladds last updated date to every generated html file
2020-06-23 Danieladds Makefile dependency for html generation
2020-06-23 Danielditches git archive method for rsync
2020-06-23 Danielswitches to markdown
2020-06-22 Danieladds view make target
2020-06-22 Danieladds publish make target
2020-06-22 Danieladds Makefile and gitattributes to ignore it in archives