incorporating Xft instead of cairo, cairo provides far too many options
[dwm.git] / config.def.h
2012-11-02 anselm@garbe.usincorporating Xft instead of cairo, cairo provides...
2012-01-22 anselm@garbe.usadded 20h's clarification
2011-11-06 Connor Lane Smithnew default colour scheme
2011-10-25 Connor Lane Smithapply nmaster patch
2010-05-27 anselm@garbe.usapplied Sylvain Laurent's EWMH fullscreen state patch...
2009-09-15 Anselm R Garbeapplied Tony Lainson's config.def.h patch
2009-07-09 Anselm R Garbeextended rule to apply monitors if set up accordingly
2009-07-09 Anselm R Garberemoved monsyms, useless
2009-07-09 Anselm R Garberestricting number of mons by length of monsyms
2009-07-08 Anselm R Garbeintroducing const where it might make some sense
2009-07-02 Anselm R Garbechanged focusmon/tagmon to work on prev/next instead...
2009-07-02 Anselm R Garbemore sensible
2009-07-02 Anselm R Garbehmm, can't decide on the default monitor symbol set
2009-07-02 Anselm R Garbeupdate
2009-07-02 Anselm R Garbeintroduced monitor symbols
2009-07-01 Anselm R Garbeseveral bugfixes
2009-06-30 Anselm R Garbeseveral simplifications
2009-06-20 Anselm R Garbewe need a tagset per monitor, removed tagset declaratio...
2009-06-20 Anselm R Garbeexperimental xinerama support, two new actions, Mod1...
2009-05-29 Anselm R Garberemoved MAXTAGLEN
2009-03-17 Anselm R Garbeapplied Gottox' patches, and also removed usegrab
2008-12-12 a@nullapplied Neale Pickett's xprop status reading patch...
2008-10-19 Anselm R Garbeseveral changes towards 5.3, XINERAMA is disabled by...
2008-08-27 Anselm R Garbemerged my changes
2008-08-27 Anselm R Garbeintroduced NOBORDER macro to hide the nasty - 2 * c...
2008-08-18 Anselm R Garbeadded a comment about FAQ regarding mfact meaning
2008-08-02 Anselm R Garbemade readin a config.h variable
2008-07-18 Premysl Hrubymake hg tip compilable with default config
2008-07-16 Anselm R Garbegot rid of compile time xidx configuration, querying...
2008-07-02 Anselm R Garberemoved useless comment
2008-06-24 Anselm R Garberemoved useless characters
2008-06-20 Anselm R Garbeapplied Gottox' ClkTagBar patch
2008-06-19 Anselm R Garbeuntested monocle
2008-06-17 Anselm R Garbebranch merge
2008-06-17 Anselm R Garbetiled layout resizehints should be respected by default
2008-06-15 arg@suckless.orgs/tags ref/tags mask/
2008-06-14 Anselm R Garberemoved scroll-wheel based focussing on window title...
2008-06-14 Anselm R Garbefix of swapped focusstack mouse buttons
2008-06-14 Anselm R Garberemoved root window click handling
2008-06-14 Anselm R Garberemoved font and color definitions
2008-06-12 Anselm R Garbeupdate
2008-06-11 Anselm R Garbeintegrated yiyus mouse.diff (though the bar click handl...
2008-06-11 Anselm R Garbemade Xinerama screen index customizable
2008-06-11 Anselm R Garbeadded nsz' patch
2008-06-11 Anselm R Garbeintegrated Peter Hartlich's patch, removed const char...
2008-06-11 Anselm R Garbeapplied anydot's patchset.diff
2008-06-01 Anselm R GarbeGottox' drawtext simplification
2008-06-01 Anselm R Garbeapplied noviewprev.diff, fix.diff and unusedflags.diff
2008-05-26 Anselm R Garberemoved Layout->updategeom, unnecessary
2008-05-26 Anselm R Garbeapplied yiyus domax patch with slight modifications
2008-05-22 Anselm R Garbes/int/uint/ in config.h
2008-05-22 Anselm R Garbesetmfact argument was wrong
2008-05-22 Anselm R Garbeapplied Gottox bitmask + void *arg patch
2008-05-19 anselm@anselm1merged tile.c again into dwm.c
2008-05-19 Anselm R Garberecent changes, introduced togglebar, changed some...
2008-05-17 Anselm R Garberemoved the <M> togglelayout call
2008-05-17 Anselm R Garberemoved monocle for now
2008-05-17 Anselm R Garberemoved the exact focus mechanism of next/prev window
2008-05-17 Anselm R Garbemoved all tile()-related stuff into tile.c which is...
2008-05-17 Anselm R Garberemoved tileh, renamed tilev into tile again, removed...
2008-05-17 Anselm R Garberemoved Layout->isfloating
2008-05-17 Anselm R Garberemoved reapply() -- unnecessary
2008-05-17 Anselm R Garberenamed setlayout into togglelayout
2008-05-11 Anselm R Garbehaving monocle on Mod1-m
2008-05-11 Anselm R Garberemoved Geom stuff, introduced updategeom() again,...
2008-05-11 Anselm R Garbecleaned up config.def.h
2008-05-11 Anselm R Garbeimplemented exact focus next, if arg != NULL to focus...
2008-05-06 Anselm R Garbeapplied JUCE patch
2008-04-27 Anselm R Garbeapplied yiyus fgeom patch
2008-04-08 Anselm R Garbegeometry fix proposed by Jukka
2008-04-03 Anselm R Garbesome cleanup changes
2008-04-02 anselm@anselm1uncommented dual layout in preparation of dwm 4.9
2008-04-02 anselm@anselm1applied Peter Hartlich's simplification patch of setmfa...
2008-03-24 Anselm R Garberevival of mfact and setmfact
2008-03-24 Anselm R Garbesetlayout and setgeom are now togglable again
2008-03-24 Anselm R Garbegeom indicator and layout indicator is only displayed...
2008-03-17 Anselm R Garbeadded sample of {grow,shrink}master to config.def.h
2008-03-17 Anselm R Garbegeoms are now drawed in the status bar
2008-03-17 Anselm R Garberemoved the string-based setgeom approach, introduced...
2008-03-15 Anselm R Garbemade the string-based setgeom working
2008-03-14 Anselm R Garbesome experimental state DO NOT USE THIS, I plan to...
2008-03-14 Anselm R Garbesome changes towards 4.9
2008-03-13 Anselm R Garberemoved all defines of geoms, implemented setgeoms...
2008-03-06 Anselm R Garbechanged config.def.h
2008-03-06 Anselm R Garbenew stuff
2008-03-06 Anselm R Garbeimplemented setlayout in the way proposed on the ml...
2008-03-05 Anselm R Garbechanged config.def.h
2008-03-05 Anselm R Garbeintegrated the new -x -y -w toggles of dmenu into my...
2008-03-05 Anselm R Garbeimplemented the stuff as I discussed on dwm@
2008-03-05 Anselm R Garberenamed maximise to monocle again.
2008-03-04 anselm@anselm1renamed MAXLEN into MAXTAGLEN (backward compliance)
2008-03-04 anselm@anselm1renamed monocle into maxmise, documented the keybinding...
2008-03-04 Anselm R Garbemonocle goes mainstream
2008-03-03 anselm@anselm1removed View cruft, now back to the roots
2008-02-29 Anselm R Garbemade tag names snappier
2008-02-28 anselm@anselm1removed initags -- we autoselect the first tag in each...
2008-02-28 Anselm R Garbesome more changes towards a better dwm
2008-02-27 anselm@anselm1 proceeded, though we still miss a real Tag struct
2008-02-26 anselm@anselm1disabled AIM_XINERAMA
2008-02-26 anselm@anselm1simplified dwm