renamed draw into drw
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2011-07-20 garbeam@gmail.comchanged sleep 20 into sleep 1 in example script as...
2011-06-14 garbeam@gmail.comThanks for the pedantic review :)
2011-06-11 garbeam@gmail.comfixing some minor issues, next week is dwm-5.9 release...
2011-04-27 Anselm R Garbeapplied another minor change to the README
2011-04-27 Anselm R Garbeapplied Thomas' README patch
2008-12-13 a@nullmade status script example of .xinitrc more useful
2008-12-12 a@nullre-applied Neale's spawn patch, credited Neale in LICENSE
2008-12-12 a@nullapplied Neale Pickett's xprop status reading patch...
2007-10-01 Anselm R. Garbeadded hint for downloading dextra
2006-09-28 Anselm R. Garbesmall change to README
2006-09-26 arg@mmviupdated README
2006-08-21 Anselm R.Garbesmall changes to dwm.1, rearranged order within main...
2006-08-03 arg@10ksloc.orgapplied Sanders doc changes, added a PHONY line and...
2006-08-02 arg@10ksloc.orgimplemented the idea presented by Sander for dwm target
2006-08-02 arg@10ksloc.orgfixed a type in README, and patched
2006-08-02 arg@10ksloc.orgremoved the CONFIG variable from, renamed...
2006-08-01 arg@10ksloc.orgsimplified README
2006-08-01 arg@10ksloc.orgcentralized/externalized configuration to config.h
2006-08-01 arg@10ksloc.orgapplied Sanders patches
2006-07-21 arg@10ksloc.orgs/sleep 5/sleep 2/
2006-07-21 arg@10ksloc.orgchanged the status info README hint (more simple now...
2006-07-21 arg@10ksloc.orgadded a note how to achieve status info in the bar
2006-07-17 Anselm R. Garbeupdated README
2006-07-13 Anselm R. Garbeadded dev.c instead of kb.c
2006-07-13 Anselm R. Garbesmall changes to README
2006-07-13 Anselm R. Garbeadded logo+description
2006-07-12 Anselm R. Garberemoved unnecessary crap
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbeadded mouse-based resizals
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbeupdated README
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbefixed several stuff (gridwm gets better and better)
2006-07-10 Anselm R. Garbeinitial import