include font argument for st by default
[dwm.git] / Makefile
2013-04-17 Anselm R Garberenamed draw into drw
2012-12-08 Anselm R Garbecontinued with draw.c abstraction, also started util...
2012-11-18 anselm@garbe.usbasic draw.c structure
2008-05-19 anselm@anselm1reverted dist target in Makefile
2008-05-17 Anselm R Garberemoved the exact focus mechanism of next/prev window
2008-04-20 anselm@anselm1this is the correct way
2008-04-20 anselm@anselm1copyright notice is in LICENSE
2008-04-03 Anselm R Garbesome cleanup changes
2008-03-13 Anselm R Garberemoved all defines of geoms, implemented setgeoms...
2007-10-19 arg@suckless.orgthx to Toni Lainson
2007-10-18 arg@suckless.orgremoved dwm.h, just include C-files in config.h if...
2007-10-11 Anselm R. Garberecreated dwm.h
2007-09-23 Anselm R. Garberenamed config.h into config.def.h, config.h will be...
2007-09-17 arg@suckless.orgmade all stuff non-static - so you can choose wether...
2007-09-15 Anselm R. Garbemicromizing dwm step 1
2007-09-15 Anselm R. Garbemoved bar-related stuff to bar.c (merged draw.c into...
2007-09-15 Anselm R. Garberenamed config.default.h into config.h
2007-09-15 Anselm R. Garbedist target only needs to add config.default.h
2007-08-19 Anselm R. Garbeadded screen.c, removed layout.c and tag.c
2007-08-15 Anselm R. Garbefififi
2007-08-11 Anselm R. Garbeseparated layout-specific stuff into separate .h and...
2007-05-15 Anselm R. Garberemoved strip, added -s to LDFLAGS
2007-04-13 Anselm R. Garbeyet another fix of copyright compactisition
2007-02-21 Anselm R. Garbefixed quoting and a comment
2007-02-20 Anselm R. Garbeadded draw.c again (except getcolor and setfont which...
2007-02-20 Anselm R. Garbesplit screen.c into layout.c and tag.c (because the...
2007-02-19 Anselm R. Garbedraw.c is useless (belongs to main.c now)
2007-02-19 Anselm R. Garberenamed view.c into screen.c
2007-02-19 Anselm R. Garbemerged tag.c, view.c and tile.c to manage.c
2007-02-19 Anselm R. Garbeintroduced tile.c, some refactoring of functions
2007-02-08 Anselm R. Garbefixed copyright notice in Makefile
2007-02-05 Anselm R. Garbegot rid of LD (inspired by JGs patch to wmii)
2007-01-02 arg@mig29next version will contain updated copyright notice
2006-08-22 Anselm R. Garbeseparated several functions into view.c
2006-08-14 Anselm R.Garberemoved finished message
2006-08-14 Anselm R.Garbeapplied Sanders LD and resize patches
2006-08-08 Anselm R.Garbeapplied Sanders tiny patches
2006-08-07 arg@10ksloc.orgtypo fix
2006-08-07 arg@10ksloc.orgapplied Sanders man page/Makefile patch
2006-08-07 arg@10ksloc.orgadded stripping to dwm target in Makefile
2006-08-03 arg@10ksloc.orgremoved CONFIG
2006-08-03 arg@10ksloc.orgmake config.h not a time dependence
2006-08-03 arg@10ksloc.orgremoved rm config.h from clean
2006-08-03 arg@10ksloc.orgadded gmake compliance
2006-08-03 arg@10ksloc.orgapplied Jukka's diff
2006-08-03 arg@10ksloc.orgapplied Sanders Makefile patch
2006-08-03 arg@10ksloc.orgusing SRC instead of *.c
2006-08-03 arg@10ksloc.orgchanged the files included in make dist
2006-08-03 arg@10ksloc.orgapplied Sanders doc changes, added a PHONY line and...
2006-08-02 arg@10ksloc.orgimplemented the idea presented by Sander for dwm target
2006-08-01 arg@10ksloc.orgapplied Sanders patches
2006-07-20 arg@10ksloc.orgmakefile now sets permissions for executables and man...
2006-07-17 Anselm R. Garbesimplified Makefile
2006-07-15 Anselm R. Garberearranged several stuff
2006-07-14 Anselm R. Garberearranged
2006-07-14 Anselm R. Garbedraw bar on exposure ;)
2006-07-14 Anselm R. Garbeprep 0.1
2006-07-14 Anselm R. Garbeimplemented bar for dwm (I miss status text), I plan...
2006-07-13 Anselm R. Garbechanged default colors
2006-07-13 Anselm R. Garbeadded dev.c instead of kb.c
2006-07-13 Anselm R. Garbeadded logo+description
2006-07-12 Anselm R. Garberemoved unnecessary crap
2006-07-12 Anselm R. Garbeadded grid mode on Mod1Mask g
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbeadded mouse-based resizals
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garberemoved unnecessary sel stuff
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbeadded gridsel to gridwm
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbeadded key handling
2006-07-10 Anselm R. Garbeadded several other stuff
2006-07-10 Anselm R. Garberenamed gridmenu.c into menu.c
2006-07-10 Anselm R. Garbeseveral new changes, made gridmenu working
2006-07-10 Anselm R. Garbeadded new stuff
2006-07-10 Anselm R. Garbeadded gridmenu
2006-07-10 Anselm R. Garbeinitial import