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3 18:17 < Biolunar> when i change my resolution in dwm (to a smaller one) and then back to the native, the top bar is not repainted. that's since 5.7.2, in 5.6 it worked fine
4 18:19 < Biolunar> is it just happening to me or a (known) bug?
5 18:24 < Biolunar> and in addition, mplayers fullscreen is limited to the small resolution after i changed it back to the native
7 reproducible with xrandr -s but not with --output and --mode, strange
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11 yet another corner case:
12 open a terminal, focus another monitor, but without moving the mouse
13 pointer there
14 if there is no client on the other monitor to get the focus, then the
15 terminal will be unfocused but it will accept input
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19 Donald Allen reported this:
21 starting emacs from dmenu in archlinux results in missing configure of emacs, but mod1-space or mod1-shift-space fix this problem. this problem is new and did not happen in 1.6 xorg servers
23 Starting emacs from xterm doesnt show this problem, he uses tag 8 for emacs
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27 2009/12/7 Alexandr Krylovskiy <>:
28 > Fullscreen mode with flash applications (youtube, for example) doesn't
29 > work properly neither in tiled nor in floating mode.
30 > Fullscreen window closes immediately after opening.
32 This is a known bug (for some curiosity I received the same report via
33 privmail from 2 other people within one week, really strange).
34 The quick fix is commenting out the code in lines 817/818 in hg tip
35 dwm. I cannot confirm this has no side effects (I think it does) and I
36 will address this issue shortly with a real fix.
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40 SDL seems to not like non-reparenting WMs:
42 > I would like to mention SDL problems, however SDL is not crucial to
43 > me anymore; people that really care about it should speak up and
44 > propose dwm / SDL patch or cooperation scheme in that matter.
46 Patching SDL, bugging them?
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50 voltaic reports this:
52 When I use two monitors, one larger in resolution than the other, the
53 bar is drawn using the smaller x-dimension on both screens. I think
54 what's happening is that there are two bars drawn, but the short bar
55 is always on top of the long bar such that I can't see the information
56 under the short bar. If I switch to the small screen, hide the short
57 bar, and then switch to the large screen, the long bar is drawn
58 correctly.
60 A similar problem occurs when I have started dwm on a small resolution
61 monitor (laptop screen) and then I switch to a large external display.
62 When I do this, the bar itself is drawn for the original smaller
63 resolution, but the information to be printed on the bar is
64 right-aligned for a longer bar. So what I see is a bar that has the
65 right hand side of it cut-off. See attached screenshot.
67 I am using standard options for xrandr such as --output VGA1 --auto, etc.
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